Run Bernadette Run! – CBC Radio-Canada Interview & More

I had the opportunity to catch up with a very busy Bernadette Clement in between events at Lift off, and her Rad Can interview with Denis Babin which you’ll be able to see this Sunday.

We will have a link to the interview as soon as it’s available.BernieS

Councilor Clement talked to me about her path into politics.  Having worked here in Cornwall practicing law for 18 years it was Huguette Burroughs whose campaign for city council she worked on that inspired her to enter the political scene.

The combination of Ms Burroughs death, (BROWNELL TRIBUTE to MS BURROUGHS) turning 40, and becoming a home owner for the first time and wondering where her property taxes really went led to her first run at city council which resulted in the most votes garnered by any candidate.

Ms Clement is a people person.  During the current bridge crisis she’s spoken out about the identity of Cornwall as a border town and the impact on its people.   She’s championed causes that are deeply personal to her including Womens issues, embracing Cornwall’s Francophone identity including the latest issue of the flag pole.

When I asked her about the future of this riding and city she talked about its citizens having access to the opportunities she sees the area having as it grows its infrastructure and evolves in the post Domtar world.

She hasn’t committed to running yet, but if I were a betting man I have a hunch the Liberal Party of Canada will have a star candidate for this riding.


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