Some Super LIFT OFF Pics from Jason Setnyk + Upcoming MUSIC SCENE

Super Big Thanks to Jason Setnyk for some photos from LIFT OFF!   A super event and congrats to all of the organizers!


liftoff3 Amanda Marshall in focus!



All photos in this insert are courtesy of Jason Setnyk.

Jason also sent in the following info:

Saturday August 8th 2009 in CORNWALL, ON
We Made a Deal with the Devil

Art show @ Lamoureux Park (day)

Rock show @ Murphy’s Inn (night)
w/ Garbageface + Painted Forest + Jason Ramone + Styrofoam Ones + Times Neue Roman

Admission for the rock show at Murphy’s Inn is $5.

Band Links:

More info on what “We Made a deal with the Devil” is all about:

LIFTOFF PHOTOS by Jason Setnyk

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