4 Legs Good 2 Legs Bad – Amazon Kindles George Orwell

Amazon got into hot water recently by removing George Orwell titles such as 1984 and Animal Farm from its Kindle E-Readers.


Amazon offers Kindle E-Readers which allow you to download and read books.   However their service chose to eliminate the Orwell titles and refund their purchasers.

“As long as Amazon maintains control of the device it will have this ability to remove books and that means they will be tempted to use it or they will be forced to it,” said Holmes Wilson, campaigns manager of the Free Software Foundation.”

The next wave on the computer front is “Cloud” computing where all your data and services are online and you access them remotely via your computer or phone.

While that has benefits and possibilities it potentially opens the door of society or the government having access or terminating your content.

That’s scary folks and that’s 1984 Live.

What do you think Cornwall?  Would you trust your data online?

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