Former Leader Denies Eating People – the silly news

Another slow local news day so I’ve been digging through World news and have found a few wacky stories.  Just click the links to go to the full story.   I promise to bring you folks a serious editorial shortly or go back to attacking the arena project or our horrible MP.

Former Leader Denies Eating People –   When you have to deny Cannibalism I think you’re political future is in grave doubt as Charles Taylor of Liberia is having to do.

1500+ Gnomes Orphaned – Now this is a sad story indeed, with a happy ending.   Apparently their owner died leaving a very full backyard. Click the link to see the photo.

“The impressive collection of small cement people was left orphaned after the death of an elderly Cootamundra woman, with the new owners of her property not enamoured of the gnomes.

But a solicitor acting for the deceased estate in southern NSW contacted the Australian Gnome Convention seeking advice on how to dispose of the garden ornaments.

The convention, established by the Lower Blue Mountains Rotary Club, is held annually in Glenbrook, west of Sydney, and has become the spiritual home for Australia’s gnomes.

Convention organiser and “Gnome Master” David Cook said he did not hesitate in organising the rescue party when contacted about the homeless little folk.

“We didn’t want to see them put in a skip and taken to the tip and all smashed up,” Mr Cook said.”

No, it’s not Avril Lavigne.  Carole Bohanon won the job as the Wookey Hole Cave Witch with an almost $100K Cdn salary after current witch Jane Brenner retired. Carole, a former Estate agent beat out over 2000 other witches for the prize gig.

And our last piece for this insert involves Jia Xiaoyu a rabbit in China that has developed a bad TV habit.

“Every night at 10pm, the rabbit climbs between the couple to watch their favourite South Korean TV dramas, reports the Xiamen Evening Post.

Mr Jiang said: “Her favorite show is called Ms Mermaid. If we accidentally switched to another channel, she would be very angry, biting the pillow and attacking us.

“She wouldn’t stop and be quiet until we turned back the channel.”

The couple said Xiaoyu is so stubborn that she wouldn’t watch the TV from any other place other than sitting in between them.

“If we tried to move her to the other side, she would jump in between us again, very stubborn,” added Mr Jiang.

The couple are also concerned their rabbit ‘daughter’ is overweight at 6kg, and are now thinking of ways to put her on a diet.”

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