So they said it was good to smoke….and now it’s bad to eat…

L I N K So we were told that smoking was good.   Ciggy’s passed out to the troops during war – tobacco companies using Doctors in their advertising, then celebs.

Then it turned out that smoking was really bad for you and had to be taxed to death to pay for the illnesses attributed to them; not to mention how darn addictive they were.

Now spin forward a few decades and we’re discovering that many of the additives to food have led to our obesity epidemic.

“Facing the serious consequences of an uncontrolled obesity epidemic, America’s state and federal  policy makers may need to consider interventions every bit as forceful as those that succeeded in cutting adult tobacco use by more than 50%,” the Urban Institute report says. It took awhile — almost 50 years from the first surgeon general’s report on tobacco in 1964 — to drive smoking down. But in many ways, the drumbeat of scientific evidence and the growing cultural stigma against obesity already are well underway — as any parent who has tried to bring birthday cupcakes into her child’s classroom certainly knows.”

Instead of sugar let’s use sugar substitutes and other wonderful things in our beverages and foods.  Let’s bomb up on shortenings and oils that have been hydrogenated; not to mention the rampant over use of iodized salt and sodium and processed foods.

Now they want to tax the foods that they addicted whole societies to.

Anyone else starting to feel like veal yet? 

So who’s the culprit?  Is it the big companies that sell us the products?  The governments that not only allow them to sell these products to us, but partner in a way with them?

Or is it ourselves who allow the society we’re a part of to become victim of it by sheer laziness, lack of awareness; or the fatigue of six jobs so that we can buy the latest Car, Computer, Stereo,  Wardrobe, and videogame?

What do you think Cornwall?

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