New Toll at Temporary Plaze a Go – Illegal Ciggies up to $900 per case!

Having a store on Montreal Road like I did for about a year introduced me to a lot of colourful and interesting Cornwallians.

I’m going to call this person “PEGGY SUE”  Peggy Sue sells illegal smokes.  This person’s real name isn’t Peggy Sue so if you sell Illegal Ciggies and are named that my apologies.

I get information from many sources so all of this info isn’t just from Peggy.

What I’m hearing is that because of the bridge closure and new customs arrangements alternative routes have impacted the cost and volume of illegal cigarettes coming into Canada.   The prices have shot up and now are hovering at the $800-900 range for a case of 50 bags and now cases of 60 american style cartons are coming accross too.

Supply here in Cornwall and many smaller towns have dried up as the runners are getting high bucks in Montreal and Ottawa and every single smoke they have get bought up with no questions asked.

One person I spoke with said in their town people are so upset with the smugglers that they are being legal el cheapo cigs.

It’s really starting to look like this main purpose of the bridge crisis was to impact the illegal trade of cigarettes.

So why couldn’t the government say that if this is the case?  Or at least take credit for it?

It also looks like the Toll Plaza is being set up not so much to grab $$ but to give customs a break in traffic flow so they don’t end up with another Chaussi incident.  IE having to allegedly use a civilian car to retain a suspect.

What do you think Cornwall?  Let us know.

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