The Bloc Wants EI Changes – Well so do I! EDITORIAL

The Bloc Wants EI Changes – Well so do I! EDITORIAL

Geez I wish Gilles Duceppe was a Federalist.   He’s such a strong Politician.    Now he wants changes to the EI system.  I do too.   I’m not sure I want 360 hours to be the line, but I think it needs to be at one standard with certain supplements based on area or needs.

Actually I honestly believe we should do away with EI, Disability, Old Age Pensions etc, and have a basic minimum income program.  I think that would help the economy, quality of life, crime, drug abuse, and lead to more families actually surviving instead of single parent families fumbling through parenthood as best they can straining under the burdens of family and financial contraints.

Now that was a mouthful! Back to Gilles.

“Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe is threatening to bring down Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government unless it makes changes to Canada’s employment insurance system.

In a message posted on the Bloc’s website yesterday, Duceppe said the committee set up by the Conservatives and the Liberals to examine the EI system appears to be “an empty shell intended to buy them time.”

“This committee will only prolong the injustice experienced by the unemployed who do not now have access to the system.”

I personally can’t argue much with that.   I’m sure Mr. Harper would personally like to do away with EI completely, the lazy louts that can’t keep a job after all he’s done to help the Economy of Canada…

So while I don’t see my perfect paradigm occuring anytime soon I do think we can improve the EI system so that it may actually help those that it’s meant for and pay for it.

So let’s lower the bar to say 450 hours based on the Unemployment rate ( I know it’s a BS number, but let’s go with it) and have the hours slide up or down based on the Unemployment rate of a given province or territory.

Let’s also make sure that training is available.  I can tell you if you’ve ever went to Jobzone here in Cornwall and want training you had either better know someone who can help you or have a degree to actually get the help you may want.

The EI program should be to help workers who have had to leave their jobs.    It should either be a temporary fix until they find a new job or retrain them to a field where they can get a job.

All this dancing, and with holding, and other stuff only hurts the person who pays for the insurance.

Take the politics out of this program and help voters through the recession and tough times.

I think if more politicians do this the solutions can be found.  Oh, and try not to bankrupt Canada while doing it…

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