100% Free Help Wanted Ads on The Cornwall Free News


We are in the early stages of what could be a very nasty recession or even depression.  As part of our committment to the community of Cornwall we want to extend 100% free Help Wanted ads to area employers.

As well we will also print free Job Wanted ads if you’re looking for work.   We all need to pull together to get through these hard times.

If you know a company that’s looking for help let them know they can post their ad here for free.

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  1. I am looking for 1 or 2 PSW’s to help me at home.I need someone at 9, & again, at about 4.I have 10-14 hrs. to fill. If this is for you, kindly get in touch with me, & we can talk.

  2. I am looking for someone to clean my 1 bedroom apt, no heavy lifting,no walls, no windows.[unless you want to]. I am in Cornwall, off Pitt.
    Please respond with a phone #, & I will get back to you.

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