The $10 Life – An Amazing Read about Struggles during the Recession

I read this amazing story in the Globe and Mail this week.   L I N K It was written by Rose Simpson about the life she and her husband are living after losing their once large income and fighting the realities of our times.

Click the link above to read the whole story as we can only print minor excepts here.

“My husband began working the early-morning shift at Home Depot while I continue to eke out a small living as a freelance writer. It’s the $10 life we’re living, with nearly every penny devoted to bills”

I think a lot of you reading this can relate to Ms Simpson.  I know I can.

“Until then, the $10 life tries to consume us, tries to take away our dignity and our power. I watched my husband get up for work the other day, watched him as he shook himself awake then trundled out to the backyard, watched him get on his bicycle to ride 12 minutes to his part-time job. He looked haunted and broken, still sick from a flu he couldn’t shake.”

It almost feels like a Charles Dickens tale.   Again, I bet a lot of you reading that last paragraph can empathize with the author.

It’s not a bad world, the $10 life. It’s just a little smaller, a little diminished. I’ve learned that things can’t make you happy. We have our children, we have our dogs and we have our health. And most of all, we have each other.”

And just imagine, if you lived in the states without even our eroding medicare system what would happen to you if you needed medication or treatment.

Life is harsh sometimes, brutal other times; it’s those little rays of sunshine we have to appreciate because you just don’t know what will come your way the next day.

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