SWINE FLU update

SWINE FLU update

Britain for some reason is really being hit hard by SWINE FLU.    Here are a few articles to give some of the how’s and why’s about dealing with the flu.






Wash your hands frequently.  Wash surfaces that are commonly touched in your life.

If you sneeze do so into your elbow or a tissue.  Dispose of the tissue and wash or sanitize your hands.  Don’t touch your eyes or mouth with your fingers.

Stay at home and avoid crowds when you get sick.  Now that’s a tough one because not all of us get sick days.

And people try to be considerate of each other during the flu season.   Where I have my part time job I was recently chastised for asking a few co-workers to wash their hands.   That’s just plain wrong.   Forget the financial burden of catching the flu, but it can impact others we live with and risk people’s lives.

Nobody should be put at risk because someone is too busy or inconsiderate to wash their hands when necessary.

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