Native Ciggies will be going up again – Higher River Presence

AM 1220 is reporting — That the Mounties are teaming up with other law enforcement agencies to combat cigarette smuggling.

Since the bridge closure and temporary opening smugglers have had to depend more and more on the river to stock their customers which has resulted in a lot less product coming across and prices shooting up; as high as $900 per case recently.

Now with the  river being more closely watched prices will be driven up even higher.

Cases of 50 bags (about 1 carton equivilent per bag) had been selling for less than $200 before the bridge closure.

Currently a single pack of legal cigarettes sells for about $9.   Cornwall street prices for bags (about 20 packs) sell in the $20-$25 range if you can find them.   I was with one smoker this week who had ran out and had difficulty getting nearby smokers to sell him a single smoke for $2!

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  1. I guess it is time for everyone to quit smoking….

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