Geez I hate primadona Hockey Players – Heatley & Sundin

I love hockey.   I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the greatest players ever to lace up skates.     It just bugs me to read about Dany Heatley and Mats Sundin.

If I were a GM I wouldn’t want either of these duds on my team.  heat Heatley held up Ottawa for over $7 Million and now wants to be traded a year after his big buck long term contract.   His feelings are wounded as their new coach doesn’t quite feel that “Heater” should have as much ice time as he’s had because basically he’s a dog.

So the Sens have signed Alex “Big Dawg” Kovalev essentially to be his replacement.

What does that say about a player when you’re replaced by Big Al?   Yes Heater can put the puck in the net, but he can do a lot of other silly stuff too ( much that I can’t print here) .

He just broke his silence.   The Oilers put in an offer for him but he doesn’t want to go to Edmonton.  On that we agree as I sure as heck wouldn’t want to go to Edmonton either, but instead of spending some of his $7+ million on someone to write his press for him he gives this LAMENESS

Apparently Dany wants options.  He loves Edmonton but doesn’t want it to be the only city he has an option to go to.    I think he’s hoping that NY, LA, or SJ bites and takes his pony show which sadly one of these teams will race to do.

mats Mats Sundin, the moody Stanley Cupless Swede on the other hand teaches courses on being a no win primadona.     Traded to the Habs he decided to go Free Agent instead and then waited until the middle of the year to take the highest offer.

The Vancouver Canucks were treated to the lumbering senior racking up much less than a point per game and then packing his bags.

He’s now saying if he’s going to play the decision will be made soon.   Better he talks to elk back in Sweden.

Hockey players are paid an awful lot of money nowadays.  I think they owe it to the fans to not just play hockey, but give of themselves too.  They are products and if they want the big $$ they have to put out a lot more than these two stiffs.

When you pay over $100.00 a ticket to watch a hockey game you want at least the perception that the players care about the game and the product they are selling to the fans.

Camps in the NHL open soon.  It’s Hockey Time!

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