NDP Nomination Meeting Drums Up the CASH

Another night, another nomination meeting.  This one served up some really good carrot cake though.

darstarIt was all Darlene Jalbert last night at the Navy Club.  Surrounded by party faithful and committed volunteers Ms Jalbert enters her second attempt to unseat local MP Guy Lauzon.

Cornwall City Councilor Elaine MacDonald led off in welcoming Darlene while sharing how long it can take for money to funnel its way into the system.  She pointed to the new Social Housing units here in Cornwall that she said directly came from the monies that NDP leader Jack Layton negotiated from the Harper Government.ElaineSPOther speakers included Brian Lynch, former riding candidate Lori Taylor, and Fred Cappuccino who pulled out his Auto Harp and led in a rousing rendition of Solidarity Forever.

The Keynote speaker was NDP MP Carol Hughes, the current author of Bill C-280 or the EI bill that may cause a Fall election.  The crowd really responded to her speech which led to a call for donations with quite a few people writing cheques for $400 or more.

listen Ms Jalbert’s key points in her speech hit home about truly supporting the Military which includes their care after they come home; especially their medical needs.   She talked about the bridge crisis and the frustration she felt watching it unfold and the manner in which the Harper Government has handled it.

She also talked about the need for Senior Citizens to not live in poverty.

It’s going to be quite the race in this riding as Ms Jalbert and her team”s determination can’t be questioned.


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