If you have a Winkle in SD&G odds are drastically worse on the Job Front

I just have received some very disturbing numbers regarding EI claims in our riding.    Take a guess what percentage that EI claims are up in our riding this year over last to date?   I dare you, guess?

dep Women in SD&G saw a rise of 8% so far in 2009.   For men it’s risen an astounding 58%!!   That’s not a typo.   2009 may have the most EI claims put in for males since 1993!     It’s pretty scary especially as I myself have a winkle and have seen how horrible our local job market is personally as contrary to those that  think there are riches in running an online newspaper.

So the next question is why is this?  What creates such unequal numbers?   Are women better employees?  Is it because of wage inequality and that they cost less to employ?

Perhaps it’s because of the types of jobs that men tend to be employed at and have faced the brunt of the recession that’s about to become a Depression; IE Construction Job Losses?

Either way it’s going to be a very bumpy period over the next few years.    Please let area employers know that we offer 100% free Help Wanted ads.  It’s our small way of trying to help.  Also if you are looking for a job we’ll print your job wanted ad for free too.

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