Harper Government trying to dump Ste. Anne’s Vet Hospital into Quebec System

L I N K Click the link to read the shocking story of our Government trying to hand over the care of our soldiers to Quebec.

The hospital houses 415 Veteran’s who are at the most vulnerable stages of their lives.

“The department heads at the hospital have always told me you’re lucky your father is not in a provincial hospital, which do not offer the same level of care.

“I sent my father there because Ste. Anne convinced me – convinced me! – the standard of care was higher.”

“in federal institutions they must speak both languages. If it becomes a provincial institution, not all the staff will have to speak English.”

If any Conservative supporter of this sort of thing would like to step forward and explain to our readers why the government feels it necessary to take this step I’d be happy to print their reply.

dar1 Darlene Jalbert, running in our riding for the NDP had this to say regarding this article.

“My father is a 25 year service vet and we have briefly explored the possibility of a retirement home for him.  He gets no help from the government for this, and it is much too expensive for him.

I would agree strongly with Mr. Stoffer that perhaps the numbers required to keep these types of places open could easily be found in people like my father.

We must remember when these men and women sign up, they do not know if they will go to war, and they serve our country with the same commitment as vets, we should treat them with the same dignity as well.”

What do you think Cornwall?

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