Say What Scuttlebutt? Is that a Conservative Endorsement?

I love the Scuttlebutt in the Seaway News, but sometimes it can be more butt than scuttle.  In today’s issue in the Scuttlebutt the quote is:  ” If the Liberals think they will upset Conservatives in the fall, they are in for a rude awakening.”

Well, that sounds like an endorsement, a kind of in your face one at that.    Maybe the Liberals won’t win in this riding, but isn’t there a line between bias and straight out being a rag for a single party?   And who writes the scuttlebutt?  Is it Rick Shaver the editor?  A group of people at the Seaway News?

Either way I’m seeing that some of the local media doesn’t like to play fair and that saddens me.    I myself have been said to favor the Liberals over other parties.

Well I am a Liberal.   I do admit that, but I show a lot of love and respect to the other political parties in this area and this newspaper will continue to do so.

The neat thing about “Free News” is that it is that.   You can post your comment here.  As long as it’s not spam, vulgar,  or something we can get sued for printing it’ll be there.   Unless it’s really lame and boring 😉

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News

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  1. I couldn’t believe it, there they were both side of pitt st. Holding signs up with saying” stop the lockdown our rights are being violated, dont eat animals they created the pandemic. You had all kind and I understand they have a right to free speech and rights to protest. But where was this great mayor of our and the police chief to try to talk sense to these ill informed people. And I read if there were more than 100 protesters they will be fined. Our mayor, police and councils are so full of it I’m embarrassed a d disappointed no action was taking no fines but we did get a comedy show for free. No wonder the virus spread so fast when the politicians have their head in the ground. But kudos for the rest of Cornwall with a head on our shoulder who takes this seriously keep up the good work.

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