I think Jim Balsillie is going to get his team in Hamilton

jb Hockey is a business.   I remember reading about Barry Diller going over and hugging Sumner Redstone at a confab after Barry cost Sumner an extra billion or so on a deal.   Ok, Sumner wasn’t that cool about it, and I probably would be breaking a law or two typing the quote, but in the NHL ultimately $$$ can make bedfellows out of the oddest of folk.   After all, it’s just business.

That’s why I’m telling you here that JB will have his team in Hamilton.  If nothing else you have to admire the man’s determination.

The reality is that it makes a lot of sense from a $$ standpoint.   The travel; what the NHLPA want, what the fans want.       Sure,  Winterpeg deserves a team, and so does Quebec City, but I think you can add two teams to the GTA and still mint money.  The NHL is right by trying to make sure they get the most $$$ they can for allowing a team into that market, and not letting JB or anyone try and slide in on the cheap.

The rivalry created would be stupendous and good for hockey.     So I think everyone’s going to take a deep breath and move an inch and we just might have a deal.    The NHL does have the leverage in this situation and Jim will have to write a cheque for at least $100 Million for the relocation fee.

In the end though, if everyone blinks at the same time, as scary as this sounds, Hockey will almost look sane and progressive and there will be joy in the Great White North.

In other NHL news, Dany Heatley still is a big cry baby that it looks like nobody wants; not even Ottawa or his own team mates.

Phil Kessel is still in limbo.  No deal with the Bruins, and no trade although Brian Burke realized that Mikhail Grabovski as your #1 Centre is not good and is making noise that if the B’s don’t get reasonable for what they want for Kessel they’ll make an offer on the restricted Free Agent.

Montreal is quiet as the rookie camp is about to begin.  Look for PK Subban to make a play to stay with the big club, and I still think Bob has one more trade to make before the season starts; probably a bad one where the Habs give up one of their blue chip prospects for someone that will have bad chemistry and give the evil Le Journal writer’s someone to hate all year.

Can you smell the pucks?

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