Hey I ate there! Thom Racine on Moe’s next to the Old Forum

Here is a L I N K to Thom’s great story this week in the Seaway News.  I had the honour of working for the Habs the year they moved from the greatest building in Hockey history to that monstrosity they play in now.

“The same can be said of most streets that border sporting shrines and I think the difference in this case was one of nostalgia. A quiet corner, one block north of one of Canada’s busiest streets, and still capable of oozing history.

I know this tale can be considered at best a stretch of my imagination, yet one only has to be a fan of the game to feel it. It’s really no different for the fans and historians who return to the site of Ebett’s Field or the Polo Grounds in New York.

Long-gone baseball parks that bare no resemblance of their once glorious summertime escapes. Yet, if you look hard enough something will jump out and make you think, if only for one night, a Saturday night, could the clocks reverse for a glimpse of what it once must have been.”

Great story and great writer.  Kudo’s Thom!  Check out his column weekly.

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