Federal Deficit over $50 BILLION Dollars – Stephen Harper calls for Conservative Majority Government in the Next Election

I guess blowing up the Canadian economy is the mandate for a majority Government according to our Prime Minister, or his stock portfolio is doing well..

L I N K Deficit going over $50 Billion  “Finance Minister Jim Flaherty revealed Thursday that Canada’s budget shortfall will swell to a record $55.9 billion this year “

Meanwhile, Mr Harper, the one that doesn’t allegedly want an election is already predicting a Conservative Majority government and on the campaign trail.   L I N K

In recently released propaganda video he pounds home such victories as suggesting his government has saved the Arctic in between rattles of fear mongering.

“In the video, Harper is seen saying “we need to win a majority in the next election campaign” or else the Liberals would govern in a coalition with the NDP and Bloc Québécois.”

L I N KStephen Harper Unfit to GovernInteresting story… “Harper has actually initiated two law suits again the Canadian government itself — the non-partisan agency Elections Canada. These moves are unprecedented in Canada and probably the Commonwealth. Harper even has contempt for his own laws, nonchalantly ignoring his fixed election date law by calling an election last year to suit himself, when Parliament was not even in session (a move that is now being challenged in court by Democracy Watch). And when his government was threatened by a coalition of opposition parties, he simply prorogued Parliament to avoid a vote of non-confidence, another dubious first for a prime minister.”

What do you think Cornwall?

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