HST – Why I support it. EDITORIAL

Taxes never go down.   They only go up as the price of goods and services go up.  Sure some governments in the past have played games and slashed services or cut a tax here or there, but in the end what goes out of our pockets one way or the other at the end of the day is usually more than less.

When the Harper Government cut the GST you had to know something was going to give somewhere.  Add in what could be a Depression along with rising costs and soaring deficits, and the bottom line is that governments need more money and where else are they going to get it but from us?

So the options are cutting services or raising taxes.  Which taxes to raise?  Income tax?  Well the rich usually find away around those;  same for corporate taxes.   That comes down to consumption taxes which bring in the most cold hard cash for the Government.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I’d rather see Draconian reform as I personally feel that at least 25 cents out of every dollar the government spends is wasted or mispent.

I won’t even go to medicare which I think our society is being grossly abused by the medical and drug system; but looking at the pragmatic picture today I prefer seeing the HST than income or property taxes going up.  Those that spend more will pay more, and more cash will be netted to the government.

The government will need some way to pay for all those extra Welfare and Disability claims from people not having jobs because of the way that our economy is being allowed to collapse.

And maybe, just maybe, there’ll be less paperwork and grief for few small businesses that survive.

Sometimes you have to rip something down and rebuild it.  We don’t do that in society.   We just tax things to pay to keep them going.   If you want change you have to make it happen.

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News

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  1. Want to know what our Conservative Federal Government is up to with our tax dollars?

    Go to the IMF website enter Canada, on Sept 2,09 we gave them Ten Billion of our tax dollars. You know a billion here and a billion here it starts to add up to real money.

    Next the Federal Reserve site while not straight forward with information they just did a ponzie scheme with U.S.dollars 500 billion with 15 central banks. While not mentioning Canada or which countries central banks played the game, it can only be surmized that Canada took part as our Bank is joined at the hip with the fed.
    And that they partook in the scheme of trading bucks around, all this done outside of any of the governments being involved?

    What could this sheme do, this will undermine the US Dollar value and start another run on the Buck! Will it be enough to crash the US, I don’t know but I do know this is plain wrong and will slow or stop the world recovery under way.

    As these banks life lines are our taxes I can not support or endorse our current gov. willingness to play along or have a ‘blind eye’.

    All the HST will do is give these banks more money to play these destructive games. Thats why it’s being pushed as a global tax scheme money, money, money.

    Say no to the HST (Harpers “Sales” Tax).

  2. Author

    Hi Dave O,

    Could you explain how the HST would end up with the banks? To me it’s a consumption tax which brings real dollars from banks and companies who can’t hide behind tax write offs?

  3. Dave O, the HST is not Harpers fault, McGuinty signed the bill! A bill that says what to tax. And by the way, what is taxed and the rate is now locked in for years. Anybody sorry they voted Ontario Liberal?

    Here is a concept, leave me the great honour of keeping more of my own money, and I will supply my own programs. Smaller government is less employees people! They always try to scare more money from us, with threats of closing kiddie pools or, there will be more potholes. Get a grip on the real problem – over administration and programs!
    There needs to be some serious discussion on the sacred cows of multiculturism, bilingualism, refugees and well you get the picture.

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