City Hall Round Up – Black Sox – No Leash Dog Park – Bernadette Clement – Face Book Triples City’s Web Traffic

Busy night at City Council.  It’s always good to see so many people attend even if a bunch were a Ball team.    Our Mayor Bob Kilger always is happiest at these meetings when some sports team or person is present and he had the players and coaches from the Black Sox coun3sign the book with the Gold pen.  The team back from Maine was warmly greeted by all.  Mark Prendergrast is trying to get funds from the community to help purchase rings for the team.   Pommier Jeweller’s is helping with the project.  They helped with the design and packaging.   They want to purchase 16 rings and plaques at a purchase price of about $6,000.00.  ring

If you want to help an account has been set up with the BMO or you can contact Mark at for more information.

Face book, the popular networking site is attributed by Bob Peters of nearly tripling traffic to city websites such as .  It’s nice to see the city acknowledging, and appreciating  the impact of evolving technology and media.   Hopefully they remember that and can assist newly started tech and media companies which will not only help Cornwall’s new economy, but also help keep youth interested and involved which just may help with an other issue for another story this week.

bobS Bob Sloan and his team made a tremendous presentation to the city about their goal of bringing a no leash dog park to Cornwall modeled after the successful park in Belleville.

Key points would be that there are 3400 licensed Dogs in Cornwall with nowhere to really play.   The park would have double gated entry, lots of signage, parking, an area for small dogs, (Like my dog Tiger Lily pictured)lil water source (s), and would be volunteer based, peer pressure impacted security driven, and a boon for tourism and the community.  coun6 (Bob Sloan questioned by Councilor Elaine MacDonald)

It was nice to see so many in attendance to support the presentation.  For more info check out their website

Councilor Glen Grant asked the time frame for the project and Mr Sloan said if all goes well we could very well have a dog park by next year.

Now they just need to the city to help them through the process which hopefully not take as long as residents of a street in Cornwall have had to wait for a no truck sign.

A Mr. Marsh made a desperate plea to Council as residents have been waiting since 1959 to have a no truck policy on their street.   Mayor Kilger and council have asked for a city report to resolve the issue.

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