So What Would you do to keep your seat if you were a MP?? Elections are good for the Economy – 2009 Federal Election

glads Politics are a blood sport.    They are not for the squeamish.   We don’t really want honest politicians.  We don’t want fair politicians.  We want our politician’s to serve our best interest.  We want our MP to bring Jobs and prosperity to our riding; even if it’s at the loss of another community.

This is human nature.  Believe me if you lived in Shawinigan when Jean Chretien moved all those Federal Jobs there you were one happy voter; even if you were on the other side.

Now that we’ve cleared up some moral debris how bad does Jack Layton want to hold onto his party’s seats?jack

It seems this next election isn’t so much between the Liberals and Conservatives, but the Liberals and the NDP.  If you listen to what the NDP say, their actions, and the buttons they’re sporting they seem to be targeting the Liberals?

Why?  What’s the strategy?   I think for Mr. Layton there’s an opportunity to perhaps grab a few more seats and further his grip in a minority situation which favors his party the best.   I don’t think he wants either a Liberal or Conservative majority even though the game he’s playing just may cause that.

Has Mr. Layton’s shelf life expired?   Is Jack past due?  Is he willing to take the spit on morsels doled out by Stephen Harper to hold onto NDP seats a bit longer in the hope of weakening the Grits?   Big questions that will only be answered in the next election.

Elections good for the Economy

All this ingenious talk of elections being a bad thing.   Think about the millions if not billions of dollars our governments waste.  An election pumps money into local economies.     Here in Cornwall empty stores get filled at high rates for a few months.   People get better paying part time jobs.  Sign companies survive, media get ads.  Lots of bad take out food gets eaten.

No, I think an election is like an Economic Stimulus with the perk of we Canadians getting our say by voting who gets the super paying MP job in our riding.   Does that really sound so bad?   Does the psychotic behavior of Parliament really impact most people on a day to day basis?

I say let’s Rock n Roll, and get heard.    Let’s spook the politician’s and vote in record numbers in this riding if not all of Canada and change some things.   Let’s get weird and let’s make Canada better.   Elections can be like births.   Creation – new paths – new opportunities – and yes – new faces.

What do yo think Cornwall?

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  1. And has our MP brought jobs to Cornwall? Jean Chretien never did!

  2. What actual jobs for Cornwallians has our MP brought here Ontarian? So far I heard about a call center, and that’s all people from Ottawa whom are already in the government that are getting those positions. Please, I implore our MP to please state how many people from Cornwall here, now have jobs, or will be getting jobs?

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