Understanding Jockeying for Election or Why Stephen Harper is Sad today.

I personally think the politician that wanted an election most, right now, today, is our Prime Minister.    The leader of the opposition looked at his cards and in Texas Hold em parlance said.  “All in!”  texas

Going all in means putting all your chips in the pot.   The remaining players can either fold or match you.  It’s not a game for the squeamish.

The Bloc and the NDP blinked and kept the game alive and so Mr Ignatieff gets to hold onto his chips, but also gets to not be the politician that calls the election.   His strategy has worked and quite well.

Mr. Harper can only get an election if he calls one, breaking his own law again, or both Mr Layton or Mr Duceppe get fed up enough with him to side with the Grits.   The pressure now falls on them to be the ones that get blamed for an election call which resonates so loudly with Canadian voters.

Politics are a blood sport and sadly the voters are usually the victims, eh?

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