You know “Super” Guy Lauzon is in trouble when Lorne Wiebe Attacks Him!

I was shocked and surprised to read Lorne Wiebe’s commentary today.     Copyright laws prevent me from showing you in full so I’m going to put the link and excerpt a bit.

L I N K the link takes you to the commentary page which changes each weekday so you may have to look in the archive section to find this entry.

“Lauzon responded by saying Anglos would get their chance to apply for a handful of those 177 jobs, but he didn’t know when. We were also reminded that it is very possible that not many Cornwall residents will fill any of those positions, since Ottawa government employees get the first crack at them. We also learned that many wouldn’t qualify due to the educational requirements. What were at first 177 new jobs suddenly became a few…and then fewer.”

Kudos to you today Lorne!

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  1. Actually, I found Mr. Lauzon’s response a little offensive. His term ‘Anglo’ might sit well with the old Reform/Alliance crowd, but the term denotes a culture.

    His implication is that all Canadians of Anglo descent cannot speak French and English, and that all of those who are English speaking only (or at least non-French speaking), are of Anglo descent.

    Canada is a multi-cultural country and I’m surprised that a Member of Parliemant doesn’t understand that. Shame.

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