Federal Election Round Up – Elizabeth May Wins Ballot – Saanich-Gulf Island

Busy weekend since Jack and Gilles went up the Hill and kept Mr. Harper from Rolling Down.     lizz Federal Green Party Leader Elizabeth May won her ballot and now has to overcome the Conservative incumbent to get her seat in Parliament.  There’s already rumblings about whether to allow her in the next round of leadership debates or not.

L I N K “May said she wants to spend more time in the riding than away from it, and avoid the pressure of travelling across the country to make appearances as party leader. She does, however, plan to travel to Ottawa for confidence votes.”

Meanwhile the daggers are coming out for Conservative MP and Cabmin Helena Guergis as the stain of her hubby’s DUI and Coke arrest impact her job.  L I N K.

Michael Ignatieff  iggyis on tour and the warpath as he paves the way for he election call which will probably come sooner rather than later.   He was in Waterloo recently and discussed the Nortel sale amongst other issues.   L I N K

“Amid chants of “Michael, Michael,” Ignatieff took particular issue with Tory ads questioning his years of living and working in Britain and the U.S. Almost 20 per cent of Canadians were born elsewhere in the world, he said, and two million Canadians are currently working in other countries.

“I want a country where everyone sets their sights on going overseas at some point in their lives,” he said.

On the federal deficit, the Tories started with a balanced budget, which suddenly ballooned to $32 billion, then $50 billion, and now they’re saying it might to $55 billion, said Ignatieff, who spoke for about 20 minutes.

“It could be $60 billion by Christmas,” he added.” and discussed recent attack ads and not supporting the Harper Government any longer.  L I N K

“What he (THE PM)says in private is contemptuous of Canadians and treats all Canadians who disagree with him as enemies,” Ignatieff said. “The other disagreement I have is that when he attacks his opponents, he engages in falsehoods and the politics of personal destruction. And when that guy’s time in politics is finished and people ask what was his legacy, what was his contribution to the public life of Canada, it’ll be those attack ads. And let it be on his head. I’m tired of it. And Canadians are tired of it.”

Ignatieff said he laments that in the current hyper-partisan climate of Canadian politics, a party can suffer for voting in support of the government, as the NDP and Bloc did yesterday.”

jack Jack Layton had a busy weekend.  Rumors are that he was involved in helping get the Seaway International Bridge Open in Cornwall Ontario Saturday.  The party is also fending off perceptions of a bad rap for helping prop up the Harper Government.  L I N K – we’ll be running part two of our interview with Mr. Layton on Monday as we’re just waiting for a few more bits of the interview to conclude.

We’ve also contacted Mr. Harper’s Media Bunker and are trying to get an interview.  So far the good news is that it’s been easier than attempts to interview our MP.   Hopefully we’ll have more to report this week.

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