Things Getting Tense in Akwesasne – MCA stops helping to pay fines.

So the government of Canada accumulated a very large list of vehicles that passed from the US to the Island without reporting to CBSA since the bridge reopened.

They are now pegging the cars on this list off as they pass through the temporary station in Cornwall.   This just isn’t productive.

What really is disturbing to me is the utter silence from Federal and Local politicians.  From a distinct lack of media coverage, and the emotional isolation of the people of Akwesasne.  While the blame for this can be put at the feet of the Harper Government where are the voices of the Leaders?  Mr. Ignatieff?  Mr. Layton, Ms May?  Mr. Duceppe?  What about our local politicians?

And the Standard Free Holder is now capping conversation on this topic on their site or simply not allowing conversation of this subject as though we live in China, which we allegedly do not.

That’s not cool.   That’s not fair dinkum.   That’s not the type of society I was brought up to believe in.

If this is all about getting a determined group to pull down a tent so they can build a bigger customs base on the Island it’s just wrong.

What do you think people?

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  1. the government profits by ignoring these situations without
    dealing with the people involved face to face

    the politicians are cowards
    they are afraid their real secret agenda will be revealed
    and that they might have to tell the truth for once

    they are politicians after all …
    only in Canada ??? … eh ???

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