Bernadette Clément on The Seaway Bridge Crisis – Akwesasne

Bernie1 Cornwall City Councilor and Liberal Party of Canada’s next Federal Candidate for SD&G Bernadette Clément sent in this comment regarding this weekends actions and bridge closure.
“From the very beginning, the lack of respectful and effective dialogue has made matters more difficult.

“Our community is rightly worried about the future of the border crossing.   We would like to know what is going on, and what steps are being taken to truly resolve the issues and find a long-term solution.

These are matters that need the involvement of Cabinet level officials and yet the Minister for Public Safety, Mr Van Loan, and the Minister  of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, Mr.Strahl, are still nowhere to be seen.

It is hard to understand why a Minister wouldn’t become directly involved in an issue of such “national security’ as they call it, It’s time for more transparency.”

Bernadette Cl

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  1. Well Bernadette,

    It is time you start stomping your feet !! And pushing some buttons, then and only then we might get some Answers!! As for Mr. Van Loan His actions are well let me say disgraceful! This is supposedly his area of Management yet he chooses to Ignore it, But I bet he has no problems cashing his nice pay checks!

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