Friday Night at the Tent – MCA to have own Border Officers? New Building Should be Up in Weeks Donations accepted- CBSA Refusing to Negotiate – Cornwall Boycott?

Busy night and a lot was talked about.    As reported earlier Grand Chief Mike Mitchell appeared on CKON and discussed a native customs station set up in the old CBSA building as a measure instead of forcing residents to report at the Cornwall Temporary station and clog up the bridge.

That measure would force residents to go through TWO checkpoints if they wanted to go to Cornwall.    CBSA was not available for comment and it was also met with mixed reaction in the tent.

building The new building to replace the tent is coming along well.  It’s hoped to be finished within weeks.    Most of the wood has been purchased from Emard Bros in Cornwall believe it or not and no MCA monies have been used to build it.   They are accepting donations and especially have a need for insulation for the roof and 2 X4’s.   The Windows and doors are on the way too.

People weren’t so much talking a boycott as simply the desire to not have their vehicle’s seized.  Can you blame them?   So it looks like Cornwall’s economy is going to slide even further until this check in issue is dealt with.   It’s so sad to see a government cause divisiveness in communities that actually do get along.

People discussed the need for a Ferry and there was frustration by the lack of productive communication with the government and CBSA.    We have some video clips that should be up later today which would better explain this.

There was some hope that some of the invited local politicians would show up last night (The Federal Candidates and City Council were invited) but not a single politician from Cornwall appeared.

As a matter of fact I was censured when I crossed back to Cornwall.   I had gone for gas before going to the tent and I was told that my car could be seized and I could be fined $1000.00 as I had taken too long to report to customs.

So if you went to the US to have lunch and fill up your gas tank like I did, before the Pow Wow a few weeks ago and didn’t go back to the bridge and pay the toll booth before turning around and going to the Pow Wow, you were in violation of Federal law!


Like I’ve said elsewhere.  This element isn’t about Native Rights.  It’s about common sense and how the Harper Government is abusing the law and citizens of Canada.

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  1. Has anybody done any costing anaylsis on setting up their own checkpoint? Does the MCA really want to spend money on this?

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