Our MP, Guy Lauzon – Why we don’t cover him much. EDITORIAL

I get a few emails asking why we don’t cover Mr. Lauzon much.  I get accused of bashing him or not liking him.

Well, first off I have nothing against Conservatives.   I do have a lack of appreciation for our Prime Minister and I do not think Mr. Lauzon has done a good job as our MP.

That being said I have reached out to Mr. Lauzon, and menbers of his team on several occasions to no avail.   It’s not their fault either.   I’ve been told he’s stubborn and pig headed.

He refused to be interviewed by this paper, or even answer polite questions in public.   As a matter of fact someone recently suggested I run as an Independent so that he’d be forced to speak to me. 🙂

I think Mr. Lauzon is safe on that one although I’d love to debate him any time on the issues.

For the record: Jobs in this riding.   Gruesome.  Stats Can has reported a 58% rise in EI claims for men this year over last.

The Call Centre:  Very few of those jobs will be given to people from Cornwall who weren’t already employed by the Government.  Of those almost none will be to uni-lingual residents.  (They count too)

The Bridge Crisis:   It’s so sad to see the impact on not only Akwesasne, which technically is in this riding according to the Government of Canada, but to Cornwall and our friends in the US.  What’s sadder is that our MP is virtually silent over this crisis suggesting that secrecy and National Security keep him from spending any time away from bashing Mr. Ignatieff.

Not bringing in the bacon.   Jean Chretien brought Shawinigan jobs, and he wasn’t even PM?  Where is the bacon?  The man is head of caucus and we’ve got almost nothing in this riding from the Feds?   Is it because too many voted for Guy and they don’t have to grease us like they do in other ridings that are more at risk?

He smiles too much.   It gives me the creeps.  Old guy smiling all the time.   It’s like what medication is he on and where do I get some?

And finally, but probably not least, the man never apologizes.  We all do wrong.  We all make mistakes; leaders should be able to either do their 2 minutes in the penalty box or apologize and fix their mistakes.      I just don’t see any humility in the man.

Well, now it’s on the record.  And Guy, or one of Guy’s people as I’m not sure he reads; you can have air time here any opportunity you wish.  If you wish to clarify any issue; or spread what you spread so well, our soapbox is yours.

Of course we don’t delete comments like some of those other papers do.

It should be very interesting when Mr. Harper breaks his election law again and calls a snap vote; probably in the depths of winter….

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News


  1. Mr Lauzon is all those things described in your editorial but the sad truth is that the people of SD&G riding that Mr Lauzon represents
    will elect one of their own regardless of his performance.
    This kind of loyalty is mindless but the alternatives offered by the other parties in this riding aren’t much better.
    If I were a young person of voting age I would want to elect someone
    nearer my age (18-35 year olds should put in a candidate that is in their age demographic for the decisions made by these supposedly
    elder,wiser, experienced candidates who aren’t looking ahead at the cosequences of their decisions on constituents will have to live with for many years)
    Young people should get politically involved, join parties in large numbers(only $10 to become a member of a political party)
    and get elected to the riding executive and nominate persons who
    will look out for their futures.
    As for the older voters, I am sure they are concerned not only for their own future and needs but those of their children,grandchildren and future generations as these are the future of all of us.
    There are many young people who may not be as experienced but are as wise as the “old boys” that now run the riding and the government
    and I am sure youthful leaders would not abandon their parents,grandparents and seniors and would probably are better
    informed about what is needed to ensure a future that is fairer to all and to our planet.
    Approaching sixty I would not fear electing a 25 year old to not only lead this riding but to lead the nation.

  2. Author

    I agree. More people, young and old need to register for political parties and get involved. If more people participate and more people hold “their” politicians accountable; and perhaps more politicians don’t get their pensions politicians may actually remember who they really work for.

    Jamie Gilcig

  3. the legend speaks…

  4. Yes, Jean Chreten brought jobs to Shawinigan but he also brought Kyoto to Canada. He brought this in when he knew he didn’t have a chance of winning another election. He stuck us with impossibility and now sits back and laughs at us. Thats the Fiberal way!
    Just watch in the next election, Guy Lauzon will be re-elected in this riding! Whether you like it or not!

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