“We Need Answers Today” Syd Gardiner on Seaway International Bridge Crisis – Peter Van Loan and Guy Lauzon

I caught up with Acting Cornwall Mayor Syd Gardiner at the Parade of Nations yesterday.

We apologize for the poor sound quality as the music in the background makes it difficult to hear, but his message is loud and clear regarding his position on what’s happening with the bridge crisis.

Kudos for Syd for being one of the few area politicians to have the courage to say in public what many only will say “off the record” regarding what’s happening in Akwesasne and the Bridge Crisis.


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  1. The Syd, It is time for you to Stand Up and Serve CBSA with a Notice of Eviction and get them out of the City of Cornwall…

    Maybe this will get Mr. Van Loan off his butt and to the table where he should have been in the beginning!

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