City Council Round Up – Lecky & Group bring in the Bucks! Richmond Road to get No Trucks Sign

3+1 It was a big night for the 3 + One Arena fund raising team.  They presented City Council with a cheque for $21,255.81 from their Golf Tourney and announced a $50,000 commitment from the Rotary Club bringing their cume to over $750,000.00.

Amazing for a city our size and it shows the commitment that some have for hockey in our community.  Kudos to the team.

Councilor Glen Grant, a member of the team, meanwhile grant helped lead the way to end 50 years of grief for residents of Richmond Road.   Council voted to give South Stormont 60 days notice of a “No Truck Traffic” sign being put on Richmond road.   Councilor Andre Rivette also led the way to end the years of suffering of the roads residents.

Kudos to Council for finally helping these folks.

Some tense moments in council BernC as Bernadette Clement questions Paul Fitzpatrick over the upcoming 2010 budget.

Sadly not a murmur was made as Council approved the Water Meter contract.  I wish some of the councilors; especially the ones that live in Cornwall and own homes would try and bring this money grab down.

A report on Affordable Living and homes in the area was also discussed.

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