Welcome to our New Sponsor – Nick Seguin ecoENERGY Advisor & Home Inspections

Native Cornwall resident Nick Seguin has finished his training and is now officially an  ecoENERGY advisor.   This is one of the few government incentive programs that actually has a big bang for the buck.

After having your home tested to show where improvements can be made to save energy, and where your home is losing heat, home owners qualify for thousands of dollars in potential savings by improving their homes.


Up to the tune of $10,000 in Ontario and Federal rebates.  The neat thing about this program is that you don’t have to wait until tax time.   Nick says that rebate cheques can arrive in as little as 10 weeks and his service, provided through Carson Dunlop, takes care of all the paper work so the home or business owner doesn’t have to go through the grief of different forms to fill out.

From new Gas or Oil Furnaces, to Insulation, Windows, Water Heaters, and more there are thousands of dollars you can save in not only the upgrading of your house, but in savings to your energy costs per year and value of your property.  Switch from a fireplace to an insert and you can save $750.

It takes Nick about 2-3 hours to inspect your home including a Depressurization test which shows your homes air leaks.   The government also offers rebates of up to $150 on the inspection itself if you do any of the work recommended within 18 months of the inspection.

For full details contact Nick today at 613.930.1260 or you can reach him at nicholasseguin@mac.com

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