Pet Food Business Recession Proof? New Store Coming to Cornwall

petfood Pet food is a lot like people food.   When people get nervous about money it seems they turn to food for security and stock up the shelves.    Cornwall has almost 10 pet food stores and it looks like a new large store is in the process of being built and talk of a big franchise coming to town soon too.
We have the new Dog Park on its way also so I thought it was interesting when I came across this STORY about pet food.

The pet-food industry is fueled by consumers who won’t back away from spending on food and necessities for their animals, though they’re likely to pare down the family vacation.

That’s one reason spending on pets remains robust, with total sales of all pet products topping $45 billion this year, a 5 percent increase, according to the American Pet Products Association. And retail sales of pet food are up 4.5 percent in 2009 at about $18 billion. Future pet-food sales are projected to top $21 billion by 2013.”

With advances in quality and special targeting of animal needs the pet food industry has come a long way indeed.

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