Transcontinental (Seaway News) Boycotted by Writers Associations

Looks like a Transcontinental, the parent company of the Seaway News here in Cornwall is in hot water with us scribblers  L I N K

“Canadian writers’ associations are refusing to write for Transcontinental Inc. publications to protest against a new freelance contract that they say is “abusive.”

Writers are worried that the new agreement will allow Transcontinental to reuse their work in other forms without compensation.

Under the agreement, writers retain the copyright to the work, and Transcontinental pays them a fee each time the work is reused in paper form at other publications, he said.

But writers will not be paid if the work is republished on different media of the same brand, for instance on Canadian Living magazine,, or a Canadian Living iPhone app.”

Maybe that’s why a certain paper doesn’t like to give story or photo credits when they can?  What do you think Cornwall?

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