The 3 Plus One Arena Project – or as the Budget Spins CORNWALL ONTARIO

So I sat through the special budget meeting at City Council to discuss the situation with the arena.  If I understood city staff as they explained this situation the budget is now up 13% at “this stage” which means as each stage rolls by the budget most likely will increase as they rarely decrease.

Some very politically motivated cuts were suggested, but frankly these were of the same nature as those that really didn’t help the Aquatic centre or the Ed Lumley Arena, and would only end up costing taxpayers in the future.   Save 1.2 million and pay 2.3 later isn’t the way to go.


Bernadette Clement shows some real backbone in confronting city administration and asking some of the right questions.

Denis Thibault also asks some key questions.   httpv://

Dennis Carr also hits the nail in the head as he emphasizes the upkeep costs of the arena once it’s been built.


Cornwall is going to have a heck of a facility as councilor Andre Rivette shares.   httpv://

There’s no doubt about it as you watch the presentations that the Hockey Community is going to be well served, and that this facility will attract some attention.

I think there are two questions that needed to be asked as this was being planned.  Are we building just to have a place to play hockey or are we building a show piece for Cornwall?    I think we should’ve done the first, because I think the latter is going to hurt us in the long run as well as impact the Civic Complex.

So congrats to those that want this facility.  httpv://

You’re going to get it, and we all have to pay for it now.     I think this experience should show all Cornwall residents, young and old, how important it is to get involved in local politics as it’s your money that’s being spent.   And today’s meeting insured that over $35 Million of your dollars are going to be spent.

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News

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