Scott Lecky Interview – Ramada Inn’s GM talks Hockey, Politics, Cornwall and its future –

Scott Lecky is one busy man.  He manages the Ramada Inn here in Cornwall, a few other projects keep him busy too, the 3 Plus One Arena project for one which he spearheads.

I can’t blame him either.  He’s worked hard to develop his business and this facility should help.  During our chat at the Ramada he talked about how we need to “get it built” (the arena) “we dont’ have choices, but to build infrastructure to bring in people to Cornwall”

I asked Scott if he had any political aspirations and he said he had his hands full raising two kids, but followed them and was very supportive of our MP.   Mr Lecky stated ” What’s more progressive than building a new sports facility?”

The fund raising committee which he chairs has seen its total inch up to over $800K with no naming rights $$ in the kitty yet.   The Golf tourney raised over $20K, and the Rotary Club had chipped in another $50K.   He thought that the committee would exceed the $2 Million dollar target announced.

On the Bridge Crisis he said that it was a tough situation for the area economy.   He felt that the bridge had to stay on Brookdale; further away would hurt hurt all the area businesses, and he felt that the area couldn’t afford the negativity created by the crisis.

“We have to create the envioronment for kids to get excited about playing sports”    He also felt that there should be no compromise on the project of which I would tend to agree with him.

I have to admit that he made a lot of valid points.  Some I may not agree with, but his commitment to the community and to having reasons for people to move to and visit Cornwall make a lot of sense.

Here is his clip from this week’s special meeting regarding the arena.


What do you think Cornwall?

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  1. i don’t need to wait to see the place to know how i feel about it. what a horrible idea! why not put that $$$ into luring more industry into Cornwall so we can get some jobs? i get that playtime and sport is important, truly i do – but people we have no prime industry and the companies that are here employ many part time and pay just above minimum wage. let’s focus!

  2. Author

    essevee I’m with you, but a group of people worked the system and got our officials to ok the plan. In politics it’s the usually the strongest and loudest group that gets the support from elected officials.

    We’ve become to apathetic across the board. People need to become more active in their communities and their country.

  3. admin,,… you are right. it makes me so sad and so mad. i’m not from cornwall originally but would love to get things going, unfortunately the ‘old guard’ (for lack of a better descriptor) is very interested in keeping the status quo. cornwall needs progression, movement and new approaches.

  4. Author

    Essevee things don’t happen overnight. What I’ve discovered by getting involved in what’s happening in Cornwall is that it truly is an amazing place with a lot of opportunities; especially in the post-Domtar era.

    It takes time and determination, but there are things you can accomplish here that you couldn’t in an awful lot of communities. The success of this paper as we draw on our first birthday in February is a tribute to what can be accomplished in this community.

  5. Anyone who does not see that we need this new Arena Complex is living in the past, their views are as old as the Si Miller Arena with its leaking roof, or the Bob Turner Arena with it Bleachers of death.

    Cornwall is growing, we have more families, we have more kids, the people who say we dont need the 3+1 Arena are the same ones who said we did not need the Aquatic Center, the same one’s who said we did not need the Curling Club, living under a rock does not lead to progress. To have a growing community we need the facilities to attract new famillies to Cornwall. Saying this money should have been spent to attract more industry to Cornwall is a notion that is so narrow minded and does not look at the big picture. If you are a big industry looking to locate somewhere is not just the financial bottom line your looking at, your looking at the community as a whole, what does this community offer my employees? What is the standard of living, Will my people and their famillies have something to do here? Will there be the proper Social and Recreational venues for them and their kids?

    Proper infrastructure, be it roads, sewers, transit, arenas are what lead Captains of Industry to want to locate in our city.

  6. Yes G.C., now please tell me where the off-leash dog park is?

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