SWINE FLU HITS HARPER GOVERNMENT – Tory Pork Tales – East Coast Pork tastes Best – Peter MacKay – Guy Lauzon

porc L I N K Guy Lauzon has been shown to not be too good with numbers.  In light of the report tabled by Gerard Kennedy our MP and head of caucus all but dismissed the numbers as fictitious.   He’s a scoffing, snorting wonder who probably spends way too much time with John Baird in the sauna…

“Nova Scotians in Conservative ridings should be feeling a little action in their economic plan by now, because an analysis of federal stimulus spending in the province shows blue ridings are awash in pork.

In fact, more money — $162 million — is being spent in those three Tory ridings than in Nova Scotia’s other eight ridings put together.”

If you click the above link there’s even a link to an excel spreadsheet with some interesting numbers.

“New Democrat MP Peter Stoffer, whose Sackville-Eastern Shore riding received only $8 million, said the numbers show the federal Tories are spending money to look after their political interests.

“It appears that Conservatives looked after themselves first and everyone else second,” he said. “This is understandable in pork-barrel politics. They would be screaming and yelling if the situation were reversed, if the Liberals or New Democrats had done that.”

I’m boggled why the Conservatives don’t want to own their porky activities?   If I was a voter in a district it’s something I’d like to know.  Again, I think Guy Lauzon’s failing in this one is he didn’t bring in as much bacon as people like Peter MacKay.    If you’re going to be a party sycophant surely you should get something for crawling up that dark hole?

Mr. Harper’s Government should be careful with the pork as we don’t want to end up with Swine Flu in this country.

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