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75,000 page views and counting!

On behalf of everyone that helps make The Cornwall Free News do what it does I wish to thank all of the people who read our humble media site and newspaper.   We’re less than a year old and I am so appreciative of the response we’ve received by the public; not only here in Cornwall, but all over Canada, and the world.

We’re still working like beavers to get the online radio station up.   Our fund raising is going well, but we’re still short of our target.   Our first online web show “Cooking with Kretz” featuring Red Seal Chef Shawn Kretz will be live soon too featuring the “100 Mile Cuisine” for season one.   If you are a producer of fine food or beverages in the area contact us and we may be able to feature your products on the show!

We are getting more content submitted to us as well and early in the new year we will be doing a complete site revamp as we’ve listened to your comments this year, and will try to implement improvements to make our site even more community friendly.

Please email us at info@cornwallfreenews.com with your suggestions and comments, and please if you get an opportunity visit our growing number of members in our sponsor family.   The more they see your custom the more they can support our site.

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