Letter to the Editor – Corneliu Kirjan – Cornwall Ontario – Guy Lauzon

Even if I am not a big fan of our MP Guy Lauzon, the day I received his big blue sheet Getting Things Done for SDSG, I ran over to my neighbour, who’s not interested in politics, to show him how rich and what a good person our MP is by giving his own money to the people that need it like Seniors Groups ($60,000) or The Canadian College Athletic Assoc. ($80,000).

“Que tu peux être naïf!” (You are so naïve!), he said to me. It is not his money. Guy Lauzon is not rich. He’s paid by you and me and all the other tax payers to represent us in Ottawa. He’s lying to us because it’s not his money, it’s the government’s money, so it’s your money.
According to my neighbour, Guy did an illegal act because only the Receiver General of Canada can legally sign most government-issued cheques.

I was astonished. My neighbour must be wrong. My MP would never lie to me, because he represents us, because he seems to be an honest guy and he has good values and because he promised to be transparent and to work for us. He would never do something illegal just for partisan propaganda purposes.

My neighbour also told me that Guy Lauzon is not even a real Conservative because the real Conservatives, the red Tories, have values and work for the people, not only for the party. He told me that Guy Lauzon is a former Alliance-Reform member inspired by the American Republicans.

More than this, my neighbour showed me the title “Lauzon Provides $6 million per year for Gas Tax Transfer” and told me that this is also a lie because it is a program put in place by the Liberals before  the election of the so called Conservative Party and Guy had nothing to do with this. The money is sent automatically each year under the agreement signed before 2006.

Finally, my neighbour showed me that the translation from English to French is so bad that it’s an insult to the French-speaking people who live in SDSG.

Since this day, I have hoped that Guy Lauzon would explain that my neighbour was wrong and that he never misleads naïve people like me.  I would like to see him say that it was a mistake and that in the future he will represent us and not his party. But each time I think about it, I also remember that my neighbour told me that Guy is not a Conservative but an American Republican and I am afraid for our future. 
  Corneliu Kirjan

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