Mayor Kilger frets over Cities Image – Youth Not Happy – No Dollars for Arts in Cornwall – Bridge Crisis still ongoing – Cornwall Ontario – Tourism

Wow, that’s a mouthful.   L I N K

“Kilger didn’t completely rule out the prospect of taking on additional projects such as a new arts centre — an idea which has been floating around for some time — however he cautioned that the city’s financial picture will have to be kept in mind.

“We’re going to have to be very, very careful,” he added.”

Now he has to be careful?  What about before blowing the bank on the new arena?  Dennis Carr wants to fill in swimming pools because of the high cost per user.   I can’t argue with him as sad as that may be for some; but where is his wisdom when it comes to the Hockey Arena?   Does anyone really think more people will use the arena than participate in the arts at some level?

And yes, I speak as an artist myself so I do find it a bit upsetting to see my tax dollars (we pay over $3,000 per year for our home here in Cornwall) not being used as wisely as I’d like.  I can tell you that it’s a struggle to live in Cornwall and practice your art or even sustain yourself as good jobs in this town seem all but invisible.

L I N K Mayor Kilger upset over Video.   They say that there’s no such thing as bad publicity.   Seeing as Cornwall hasn’t done such a good job promoting our city perhaps Mr. Kilger should reconsider?    Cornwall does have issues just like many cities and like in life, if you ignore something long enough bad things can happen.   In this case Cornwall is being showcased for the illegal cigarette trade.

Here’s the link to the teaser for the show and you can decide for yourself if you think Cornwall is unfairly portrayed.


“The mayor said he’s not suggesting police never encounter gunfire in the course of their work, but portraying Cornwall as some kind of “wild, wild west” is a mischaracterization.”

Hmm….we have Indians…we have Mounties….we have a big empty waterfront…. naw, Condo’s would be nicer…

We have a story coming out next week about Youth in Cornwall that I’ve given as an assignment to our new intern.   He’s upset, as a youth, that’s it’s been so hard to find a positive spin for the story and that so many people he’s interviewed have been negative.    I told him that sometimes medicine tastes bad and that we have to focus on what the possible solutions could be.

So yes, Cornwall has a lot of amazing things going for it.  It’s time we as a community embraced the people that live here and help empower them to make this city even more special.  Arenas alone will not do that.

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