Swine Flu hits Area as Schools face Flu Season – CORNWALL ONTARIO

L I N K –  If you click the link you’ll go to the story in the Standard Freeholder about area school absentee rates.

I was at one store today where the clerk was sneezing.   She told me she had the flu, and when I asked why she was there she gave me an odd look and laughed saying there was nobody to replace her.

This is someone working a cash register; exchanging money with customers, breathing water droplets etc.    It’s a big reason why the government needs to have some sort of financial device to help people with the flu stay home and not spread it.

As I travel myself I am seeing more and more people with cold or flu symptoms in the area.    Please, if you have a flu stay home.    And if you’re an employer please try and make it as fiscally possible for that employee to stay home, because if they do come to work they can infect your customers and other staff which in the end will cost more.

For more flu info you can also click this link www.eohu.ca

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