Jack Layton proposes National Pension Insurance Program – NORTEL

It’s so odd that we have to legislate things that should be a given or simply reinforce what should be laws.   Company A stiffs their employees and essentially gets off the hook with all of their executives in the clear.    Bad Desperate Man holds up a Cab and ends up in prison.

I like Jack Layton; jlayton I like this proposal.  I just don’t like that we live in a society that has to force this kind of law into place.   Hopefully it will make it through and protect Canadians at a time of life when they need the protection the most.

L I N K “The self-sustaining program would be funded by employer contributions and guarantee pensioners $2,500 per month in the event their plan is wound up.

Mr. Layton called for the Conservative government to double the Canada Pension Plan benefit to $1817 a month from $908, which several seniors’ groups have been lobbying for in recent years.

The proposals come one day after retired employees of the bankrupt telecom giant Nortel held a demonstration on Parliament Hill.

When companies go under they are allowed to wind up their pension plans. There is an estimated $1.8-billion shortfall in the Nortel plan.”

I still say we should do away with Canada Pension; disability; welfare, employment insurance and all of the infrastructure that goes with that and simply have a guaranteed minimum income in Canada.   If you want to help local economies, reduce crime, increase education, quality of life, and productivity, remove the stigma of poverty and give people the opportunity to make Canada grow.

So what do you think of Mr. Layton’s proposal Cornwall?

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  1. I am carmelita siason, 60 y./old til the middle of 2008 I was in the
    workforce getting monthly approx. a gross of $3000.- dollars. Unfortu
    nately I was diagnosed terminal cancer, and my lucky star finished.
    Since that I am pensioned from this gov. with $575.- dollars p/month.
    You and others are wondering; How I am surviving with such pension.?
    Thanks to the charity of my sister and an old senior man. Don’t you
    think that mr harper instead of sending monthly approx. two hundred
    million dollars to that endless adventure, intervention and invasion
    of afghanistan. Don’t you think that out of that wasted money I could
    hardly get a little bit for me.? I remember that when mr harper was
    the candidate for primer minister, He promised to the pensioners.” IN
    ty start at home.

    Sorrowly, Carmelita Siason, terminal cancer diagnosed by BC CANCER OF

  2. Carmelita,

    You are not alone. There are others that recognize our government’s deception and its misdirected overseas adventure.

    The following letter is one of several that can be found at:

    And Carmelita,

    In the same way that “necessity” sparks invention, it is only “need” that will motivate some people to action.

    And in the case of pensions, what need is there for an MP or a political party to step up and seize corporations by their “tenders”, and make them fulfil their obligations to employees?

    MP’s have a solid gold pension. It’s theirs for the taking after only 6 years of warming a seat in Ottawa. And it’s guaranteed by an employer that will print money to pay it if necessary. And with the corporate lobbying positions that await them, or the plum patronage appointments… what would move a government MP to consider the working stiff?

    It’s little wonder that the first in line for bailouts were corporations and their fat boards. The working stiffs that were promised pensions and paid into them have been defrauded.

    That our parliamentarians permit this fraud, is proof plain… that they themselves are frauds.

  3. Carmelita, not to sound disrespectful because my ear piqued with great interest when you marked down that “He promised to the pensioners.” IN
    ty start at home.”. Do you have any link, whatsoever available from online or a date perhaps where he was quoted to say this?

    I believe you, as Ive heard some similar promises. But I don’t quite recall him saying that specifically, and I would appreciate any supporting information you can provide to that statement that Harper apparently made.

    Thank you.

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