Cornwall will bring you to your Flu Shot Clinic – Cornwall Ontario – H1N1 – October 27, 2009

City to Run Special Shuttle to Flu Clinics

Cornwall Transit will be running a special shuttle service to and from the H1N1 Immunization Clinics being held in the City of Cornwall by the Eastern Ontario Health Unit (EOHU).

The shuttles will run every half hour, departing from Eastcourt Mall and the Brookdale Centre (Walmart). The shuttle service will begin 30 minutes before the clinic start times, and will continue until the clinics are closed.  This special service will also run for the clinic being held on Sunday, November 1st. There will be no charge for the shuttle service.

From October 30th to November 27th, the Eastern Ontario Health Unit will be holding ten (10) free H1N1 immunization clinics at General Vanier Intermediate School on Cumberland Street in Cornwall.

In addition to the shuttle service,  Cornwall Transit  Route #3 (Brookdale) also provides regular bus service to the clinic site with a bus stop within 500 feet of General Vanier Intermediate School. Transit fees will be waived for any person taking the regular bus service to or from the clinics. Bus schedules and route information are available from a variety of locations in the City, including City Hall, as well as online at

Registered users will also be able to use the regular Handi-Transit service to go to and from the clinic location.

The City will be monitoring the demand for the shuttle service, and will make adjustments if needed.

The H1N1 vaccine is only available through the community clinics. For logistical reasons, physicians will not be giving the H1N1 vaccine in their offices.

A list of clinic dates and times is available from City Hall, and can be downloaded from the City website, as well as from the Eastern Ontario Health Unit website.

For more information on the H1N1 Immunization Clinics, please contact the Eastern Ontario Health Unit at 613-933-1375 or visit

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