Vanessa Carter – Cornwall’s Future MD & Winner of its 1st Medical Scholarship – Cornwall Ontario – October 27, 2009

v2 What a amazing story this is turning out to be.   Keeping our youth in Cornwall and eventually having a much needed doctor in the community.   Kudos to City Hall for helping make this happen.

I had the chance to chat with Cornwall native Vanessa Carter.    Other than being a Leaf fan she’s  an example of what happens when a community invests in itself.   Vanessa just won Cornwall’s 1st Medical scholarship at the University of Ottawa where she eventually hopes to graduate and come back to Cornwall to become a GP.

The Scholarship is for 6 years at $25,000 per to help offset the costs of Medical school.

V I asked her about her heroes growing up and here’s what she emailed me. 

I was lucky enough to meet Manon Rheaume when I was younger, & she was for sure an idol when I was younger. I also really like Martin Brodeur, Miikka Kiprusoff, & Roberto Luongo….Now be nice, but I have to say that my NHL team growing up *daddy’s little girl* was the Toronto Maple Leafs w/ Felix Potvin & the good ol’ boys, …now I do realize that they aren’t doing sooo well, but I need to stay true to the blue!…If they’re not playing, I like Calgary & Pittsburgh (I pretty much support any canadian team *except our rivals the Mtl Canadians* & any Canadian players).

I hope that helps!Vanessa”

She sounds like a gamer! Once she has completed her Family Medicine studies and earns her College of Physicians & Surgeons certification, Ms. Carter will be setting up a full-time Family Practice in Cornwall.

About the Scholarship:

The Medical Scholarship was created from a recommendation made by the Mayor’s Task Force for Medical Recruitment. Its purpose is to provide funding opportunities in support of students from Cornwall and S.D. & G. who have been accepted into or, are currently studying medicine at a recognized Canadian university leading to certification in Family Medicine. In return for the scholarship, the recipient will set up a permanent practice in Cornwall for a period of not less than five years.

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  1. Just want everyone know that I posted this idea back many years when was up and running, than some “smart” people at council introduced it.

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