Guy Lauzon: “I’m just the messenger” That’s the Problem – Editorial – October 28, 2009 – Cornwall Ontario

“I’m just the messenger” That’s the problem with our MP and why the Seaway International Bridge Crisis is still lingering on and hurting our riding during a recession.

Mr. Lauzon seems to have lost his path; if he ever was on the path; that he has been elected by the citizens of this riding to work on our behalf in parliament.

Perhaps being appointed Head of Caucus has gone to his head?  Perhaps visions of yet another pension drive his sheepishness?    They say that Power Corrupts, but certainly this is an instance where decency at some point has to come back into play?

For the Chamber of Commerce of Cornwall to have to beseech Minister Van Loan to come to Cornwall and see for himself the damage his lack of action has caused, and not have that message come from Mr. Lauzon shows how Guy has chosen to be loyal to Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party rather than to his constituents here in SD & SG.

Hopefully voters will remember that during the next election.

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News

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