Quick Hits for October 29, 2009

Here are your Quick Hits from Around the World for Thursday October 29, 2009

Mayan’s Say World Not to End in 2012

Miss Homeless Contest Considered Bad Taste

“Women’s rights groups have slammed a Miss Homeless contest in Belgium that ended when a 58-year-old woman won the first prize of a rent free flat for a year.”

Mr. Methane Blows Away His Audiences

At first, it was nothing more than a party trick to entertain fellow railwaymen, but eventually Mr Methane found that by careful control, he could pick out a simple tune.  He gradually expanded his repertoire, which now ranges from Strauss’s Blue Danube waltz through to Kylie Minogue’s I Should Be So Lucky.

cleeseSir John Cleese Honored to have Lemur Species Named After Himself

Woman Picks Pet Croc Over Hubby in Divorce

An Australian woman says she divorced her husband after he asked her to choose between him and her pet crocodile. Vicki Lowing said there was no way she could give up 5ft long Johnie which she says is “like a child” to her.

Curry Kills Cancer Cells

An extract found in the bright yellow curry spice turmeric can kill off cancer cells, scientists have shown.

The chemical – curcumin – has long been thought to have healing powers and is already being tested as a treatment for arthritis and even dementia.

Rosie O’Donnell & Angelina Jolie Nearly an Item?

Canadian Folk Singer Taylor Mitchell Killed by Coyotes

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