Hundreds Brave Lines for Flu Shot in the Rain – Saturday October 31, 2009 – Cornwall Ontario

fl1 Morning lines were still long in Cornwall as people lined up with their umbrellas to get the H1N1 Flu vaccine.   Hopefully not too many of them come down with a cold in the process.  By noon the lines had diminished.   jm There will be flu shots for all that want them so remember not to panic.   Patience and courtesy will help the medical teams serve as many as possible as quickly as possible.

For more info you can contact the EOHU.  Below is a table that spells the difference between a cold and flu.

Signs & symptoms Cold Flu
Fever Occasional Often above 38.5 C for 2-4 days
Headache Frequent, but not severe Prominent and often severe
Aches/pains Slight Often severe
Fatigue/weakness Mild Can last 2-3 weeks
Extreme exhaustion Never Early and prominent
Stuffy nose Common Occasional
Sore throat Common Occasional
Cough Hacking Can be severe
Chest discomfort Mild to moderate Common, can become severe
Onset Gradual (develops over a day or two) Sudden (within a few hours)
Cause 200 strains of cold virus 3 strains of influenza virus

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