Crime Prevention Week – November 1-7 2009 SD&SG


“Prevention Pays – Get Involved. It’s Your Community.

It’s Your Future”

(SD&SG)The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) recognizes community engagement is a key component of crime prevention and that strong community partnerships are an essential element of an effective crime reduction strategy.

The OPP offers many programs to our citizens and businesses, designed to foster relationships between the OPP and those we serve, in an effort to reduce and prevent crime.

While the police have a clear mandate to prevent crime, police can’t do it alone. Crime prevention is everyone’s business. “Our best defence against crime is achieved when everyone plays their part to prevent crime in the community” said OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino.  “Community members who support the efforts of their police by engaging and mobilizing against crime, can and do make a significant difference in community safety across Ontario” said Fantino.

By reporting suspicious activity and taking simple steps such as locking your vehicle and ensuring your home is secure, you are helping prevent crime. By participating in community crime prevention initiatives, you are going one step further by taking a stand against crime not only in relation to your own property, but in relation to your community.

By educating and assisting community members to be more aware of their own safety, and to be proactive in the reduction of crime by eliminating the opportunity for crime, the OPP remain dedicated to its vision statement of Safe communities – A Secure Ontario.

Crime Prevention… It’s everyone’s business.

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