US/Canada Border Crossing Obelisk Removed from St. Regis Mohawk Reservation – Akwesasne – November 3, 2009

“it’s just a political move”


L I N K “(US) Federal authorities will investigate the removal of a large stone obelisk that marks the border between the United States and Canada through the St. Regis Mohawk Reservation.

The marker on St. Regis Road was dug up with a backhoe Friday afternoon, a video posted to YouTube shows. The edited 10-minute video then displays the massive obelisk loaded on a trailer and driven away. A wooden pole, with two purple and white flags waving in the wind, was placed at the marker site.

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  1. Ha, what were they going to do with it…. sell it on eBay?

  2. On the Canadian side of the boundary of this reserve, we should be erecting customs posts, and otherwise taking increased precautions against cigarette smuggling (or worse, like gun smuggling). It’s not hard to see that this was intended as an act of defiance in support of these illegal activities.

  3. Hi John,

    I don’t think customs posts would be welcome over there. Look at all the problems they had with the island!

  4. Good job, the border is stupid anyway, who needs it!

  5. Hey Jamie can you run a story about that person who doesn’t have clean drinking water?


    Article 3 of the Jay Treaty clearly promotes “amicable Intercourse”. This would suggest that in law, if someone’s being “f’d” they ought to enjoy it. Such has apparently not been the case in this matter.

    Judges, bureaucrats and agents of border services might henceforth in consideration of that, be prepared to: throw on a little Barry White, dim the lights in court and at ports of entry, consider breaking out the chocolate handcuffs (we know you have them). Imagine…

    Oh romantic St. Lawrence, where each night only nature’s moon bathes the trader who wends his way through the weedy beds along thou river of commerce — wending, as does the smoke from the trader’s own leafy weed wend and snake, lazily in the evening breeze. And dreamily as his cargo is off-loaded, you allow his gaze to follow your inviting curves to mysterious inlets.

    And in this dream does one really see it? …Lady Justice, rising from the grass, stepping from the bushes, extending her “arms”. But these are not the arms of a lover. Instead they are small arms… pistols, light assault weapons. This is no invitation to dance, for she (O harlot!) is surrounded by consorts in many uniforms, with many pockets… soooo many pockets.

    It has come the stroke of midnight. The ball is over, the glaze falls off eyes now wide. Boats rooster tail across the water. Climax!

    Premature perhaps. But the trader has dropped his load, and whitey back on shore has been screwed. Not as romantic as it began, but the trader with a roll of cash will always find someone waiting at the casino, ready to do a line and “love him long time”.

    (Ambiguous? Yes and no)

  7. Author

    which person would that be Glassbowl?

  8. Author

    My gosh I get blown away by some comments on this site. That’s one we written one CCC. Maybe we should have you write a column? 🙂

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