Labrador MP Todd Russell Shoots the Messenger – Guy Lauzon feathered by MP Mark Holland over Seaway International Bridge Crisis – Cornwall Ontario – November 4, 2009

pigeon Liberal MP Todd Russell; Critic for Aboriginal Affairs and Mark Holland Liberal MP for Pickering-Ajax; Critic for Public Safety and National Security, toured Akwesasne and met with MCA Chief Mike Mitchell today.

“It’s the fault of the Government”


They met with local press after before zipping back to Ottawa for a private members vote.   This is the second tour of the area for Mr. Holland.

During a heated moment Mr. Russell suggested that MP Guy Lauzon’s referring to himself as a messenger was perhaps a waste and that a pigeon would be better?  A $500,000.00 per year pigeon at that.


What is it with Mr. Lauzon and birds? GuyBIRDS Cornwall City Councilor Ms Bernadette Clement was also present in discussing the impact of the Seaway Bridge Crisis on the area and helped reinforce the request of the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce, Mayor Bob Kilger;( who wrote a letter to encourage mediation), and the MCA who now have agreed to mediation.


Mr. Holland & Russell take questions from the motley crew of local reporters on hand…


Roy McMurtry to mediate??


What do you think Cornwall?  Was this a good step forward and do you think mediation is the solution to this crisis?

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  1. Who do the Mohawks want? Kim Jong Il?

    Why didn’t anybody bring up the problem with drinking water?
    Why don’t these guys care about people’s health?

  2. I’d nominate Desmond Tutu. He’s dealt with the likes of canadians before.

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